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Enjoy the kinetic lyric music video preview for our soon to be released new song, Chinese Underground, for April 28, 2023.

Marching Chinese marimbas, pining erhu players, and guzheng samples are the orchestral flairs that Thom Kurtz mixes with his lyrical witticisms in Friends To The End’s new single, Chinese Underground.

The upbeat and playful ballad takes sardonic stabs at authoritarian attitudes, with killer lines like, “I thought MZ was dead and buried / The kind of man who never married / Now that he’s back up on his throne / You better watch out or he’ll break your bones."

At first, the song seems to be mocking Mao, but the focal point is that some ideas never wither, wilt, or waver. Even though they ebb, they will resurface later.

Welcome to Friends To The End where Modern soft rock music collides with videos of joy, whimsy, wisdom, and sometimes, sorrow.

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Watch this video for a sneak-peak behind the scenes and in front of the camera. And discover lyrics and more streaming samples of Modern soft rock on our Songs page.