As Sure As Your Sorrow Is Joy

Our sophomore release is essentially a neo-classical, modern soft rock world-fusion track with a surprisingly ghostly theme. The ethereal piano-viola duet and enchanting flute haunt provocative lyrics about passing from the material world.

As Sure As Your Sorrow Is Joy Press Release [pdf]

As Sure As Your Sorrow Is Joy

( I have no fear of dying )

In the dead of the summer
As the moon strikes the sky,
You summon old soldiers
Who fade, but don’t die.
Your treason their hunger to cloy.

You are just the crease
On the outskirts of them
And you look for release
On both sides of the hem
On the garment you cannot destroy.

And I often feel like crying,
But I have no fear of dying,
As sure as your sorrow is joy, Mixed and recorded by Tim Dolbear, Eclectica Studios. When I see what they’ve done.
They scuttle and drag through the alloy.

I’ve swam the emotions.
I’ve plunged in despair.
By the banks of devotion
I’ve had the bad air
From the spawning of submarine toy.

And I often feel like crying,
But I have no fear of dying,
As sure as your sorrow is joy,
As sure as your sorrow is joy.

This atmospheric song started out as a rhythm pattern in B minor on an old beat-up upright piano in our home where I lived as a kid. The words have always meant a lot to me and express what I believe are some universally held feelings about life and death and things we believe are matters of life and death. I’ve always felt strong performing power of the opening line, and it’s all I need to get into the best frame of mind for singing the rest of the song, “In the dead of the summer, as the moon strikes the sky.” While arranging this piece for studio recording, I was inspired to focus on the form of a piano-viola duet

I discovered the various melodic themes that are developed during the course of this rather long, folk-rock march in 3:4 time. For my own pleasure, it is the sort of musical piece, with the intricate bass and drum and percussion elements, that grows affection with each listen.